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  • Meaning: The name “Amrita” means “immortal” or “divine nectar.” It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Amṛta,” where “Am” means “not” or “without,” and “ṛta” means “death” or “mortality.” Therefore, “Amrita” can be translated as “not mortal” or “immortal.” In Hindu mythology, “Amrita” is often associated with a divine elixir that grants immortality.

  • Origin: The name is rooted in Sanskrit, an ancient Indo-Aryan language. Sanskrit is the liturgical language of Hinduism and has influenced many languages in the Indian subcontinent.

  • Popularity: Amrita is popular not only in Hindu culture but also among Sikh communities and other South Asian cultures. It is chosen for its positive and auspicious connotations.

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  • Meaning: The name “Aryan” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ārya,” which means “noble,” “honorable,” or “noble-minded.” In its original usage in ancient Sanskrit texts, “Aryan” referred to a group of people who spoke Indo-Iranian languages and shared cultural and historical ties. It did not originally have any racial connotations.

  • Historical and Linguistic Roots: The term “Aryan” has historical roots in the ancient Indo-European language family. It was used to describe the speakers of Indo-Iranian languages and, later, the broader Indo-European language group. It is essential to note that the historical and linguistic usage of the term is distinct from its later misuse in racial theories.

  • Popularity: The name Aryan has been used by people from different cultural backgrounds, and its popularity may vary across regions. It is essential for parents to consider the historical context and potential interpretations of the name.

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