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"Serenity's Selection: Popular Baby Names Rooted in Buddhist Traditions"

“Discover the tranquil world of baby names inspired by Buddhist traditions with our insightful collection. Rooted in peace, wisdom, and enlightenment, Buddhist names offer a serene and spiritually significant choice for your newborn. Our curated list features names derived from Buddhist scriptures, revered figures, and virtues highly esteemed in the faith. Each name embodies a unique essence, reflecting the depth of Buddhist teachings, spirituality, and cultural heritage. Whether you seek names honoring revered Buddhist figures or those signifying peaceful attributes, this compilation celebrates the tranquility, wisdom, and profound meanings associated with Buddhist-inspired names, guiding you toward a name that echoes serenity and spiritual resonance.”

Trending Buddhist Baby Names of This Week

Girl Name of the Week

Trending name
  • Meaning: The name “Harini” is often interpreted to mean “deer” or “one who is like a deer.” The word “Harini” is derived from “Hari,” which can signify different things like “one who takes away” or “the one who is like Lord Vishnu,” and when suffixed with “-ni,” it often indicates a feminine attribute.

Cultural Relevance: It’s a popular name given to girls in India and among Indian communities globally. Names like Harini are commonly chosen for their pleasing sound, positive meaning, and cultural significance.

Boy Name of the Week

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Meaning: “Dhruv” signifies “constant” or “steadfast.” It is associated with the concept of being unshakeable or firmly rooted in one’s beliefs, ideals, or faith. The name is derived from Sanskrit.

Cultural Relevance: Dhruv is a prevalent name among Indian families, particularly in Hindu communities. It’s chosen for its positive connotations and the inspiring story of the young Dhruv’s determination in Hindu mythology.

Trending Buddhist Baby Names

popular Buddhist Baby Boy Names

  1. Ajaya – Meaning “invincible”; Origin: Sanskrit

  2. Ananda – Meaning “bliss” or “happiness”; Origin: Sanskrit/Pali

  3. Ashoka – Meaning “without sorrow”; Origin: Sanskrit

  4. Bodhi – Meaning “enlightenment”; Origin: Sanskrit

  5. Dharmendra – Meaning “lord of dharma”; Origin: Sanskrit

  6. Gautam – Meaning “lord Buddha” or “the enlightened one”; Origin: Sanskrit

  7. Hemanta – Meaning “winter”; Origin: Sanskrit

  8. Jinendra – Meaning “conqueror of the world”; Origin: Sanskrit

  9. Karma – Meaning “action” or “fate”; Origin: Sanskrit

  10. Maitreya – Meaning “loving-kindness”; Origin: Sanskrit

  11. Nirav – Meaning “quiet” or “silence”; Origin: Sanskrit

  12. Prajay – Meaning “glorious”; Origin: Sanskrit

  13. Rahula – Meaning “fetter” or “impediment”; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  14. Samudra – Meaning “ocean” or “sea”; Origin: Sanskrit

  15. Tathagata – Meaning “one who has thus gone” or “gone to reality”; Origin: Sanskrit

  16. Upeksha – Meaning “equanimity” or “indifference”; Origin: Sanskrit

  17. Vijaya – Meaning “victory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  18. Xinru – Meaning “heart’s contentment”; Origin: Chinese

  19. Yashas – Meaning “fame” or “glory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  20. Zhiyuan – Meaning “wish fulfilled”; Origin: Chinese

  21. Amardev – Meaning “immortal god”; Origin: Sanskrit

  22. Bhikkhu – Meaning “monk”; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  23. Chandaka – Meaning “moon”; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  24. Dhammapala – Meaning “protector of the Dharma”; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  25. Ekagra – Meaning “focused” or “one-pointed”; Origin: Sanskrit

  26. Gaveshana – Meaning “search” or “quest”; Origin: Sanskrit

  27. Indrajit – Meaning “conqueror of Indra”; Origin: Sanskrit

  28. Jivanta – Meaning “lively” or “full of life”; Origin: Sanskrit

  29. Kanthaka – Name of Buddha’s horse; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  30. Lakshman – Meaning “fortunate” or “prosperous”; Origin: Sanskrit

  31. Manjushri – Meaning “gentle glory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  32. Nakula – Meaning “mongoose” or “mongoose bird”; Origin: Sanskrit

  33. Ojasvin – Meaning “strong” or “vigorous”; Origin: Sanskrit

  34. Padmapani – Meaning “lotus in hand”; Origin: Sanskrit

  35. Ratnesh – Meaning “lord of jewels”; Origin: Sanskrit

  36. Siddhartha – Meaning “one who has achieved his goal”; Origin: Sanskrit

  37. Tenzin – Meaning “holder of Buddha Dharma”; Origin: Tibetan

  38. Udaya – Meaning “rising” or “sunrise”; Origin: Sanskrit

  39. Vajradhara – Meaning “holder of the thunderbolt”; Origin: Sanskrit

  40. Yogendra – Meaning “god of yoga”; Origin: Sanskrit

  41. Abhaya – Meaning “fearless” or “without fear”; Origin: Sanskrit

  42. Bhadanta – Meaning “reverend”; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  43. Chandana – Meaning “sandalwood”; Origin: Sanskrit

  44. Dhruv – Meaning “steadfast” or “unshakeable”; Origin: Sanskrit

  45. Eshin – Meaning “gem heart” or “clear mind”; Origin: Japanese

  46. Ganapati – Meaning “lord of the multitudes”; Origin: Sanskrit

  47. Harsha – Meaning “happiness” or “joy”; Origin: Sanskrit

  48. Ishvara – Meaning “supreme lord” or “god”; Origin: Sanskrit

  49. Jitendra – Meaning “conqueror of the senses”; Origin: Sanskrit

  50. Kabir – Meaning “great” or “mighty”; Origin: Arabic/Sanskrit

  51. Lokesha – Meaning “lord of the world”; Origin: Sanskrit

  52. Madhava – Meaning “sweet like honey” or “lord Krishna”; Origin: Sanskrit

  53. Narottama – Meaning “the best among men”; Origin: Sanskrit

  54. Omardip – Meaning “divine light”; Origin: Sanskrit

  55. Purnima – Meaning “full moon”; Origin: Sanskrit

  56. Rigden – Meaning “king of the teachings”; Origin: Tibetan

  57. Shantideva – Meaning “god of peace”; Origin: Sanskrit

  58. Tejomaya – Meaning “full of light”; Origin: Sanskrit

  59. Uttara – Meaning “north” or “higher”; Origin: Sanskrit

  60. Vishvakarman – Meaning “architect of the universe”; Origin: Sanskrit

  61. Alok – Meaning “light” or “brightness”; Origin: Sanskrit

  62. Bhante – Meaning “venerable sir”; Origin: Pali/Sanskrit

  63. Chirantan – Meaning “eternal”; Origin: Sanskrit

  64. Dharmaditya – Meaning “sun of dharma”; Origin: Sanskrit

  65. Enkhtur – Meaning “eternal light”; Origin: Mongolian

  66. Gyatso – Meaning “ocean” or “sea”; Origin: Tibetan

  67. Hemadri – Meaning “golden mountain”; Origin: Sanskrit

  68. Iresh – Meaning “powerful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  69. Jayavardhana – Meaning “protector of victory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  70. Kushan – Meaning “happiness” or “peace”; Origin: Sanskrit

  71. Mahesh – Meaning “great lord” or “great ruler”; Origin: Sanskrit

  72. Niraj – Meaning “lotus”; Origin: Sanskrit

  73. Ochir – Meaning “star”; Origin: Mongolian

  74. Prajval – Meaning “flame” or “brightness”; Origin: Sanskrit

  75. Ratnakara – Meaning “ocean of jewels”; Origin: Sanskrit

  76. Shubhankar – Meaning “auspicious”; Origin: Sanskrit

  77. Tshering – Meaning “long life”; Origin: Tibetan

  78. Ushin – Meaning “clever” or “intelligent”; Origin: Sanskrit

  79. Vishal – Meaning “great” or “grand”; Origin: Sanskrit

  80. Yugantar – Meaning “end of an era”; Origin: Sanskrit

Trending Baby Names Across Religious Traditions

Trending Buddhist Baby Names

popular Buddhist baby Girl names

  1. Aanya – Meaning “gracious” or “inexhaustible”; Origin: Sanskrit

  2. Bodhi – Meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment”; Origin: Sanskrit

  3. Chandra – Meaning “moon” or “luminous”; Origin: Sanskrit

  4. Dakini – Meaning “sky dancer” or “celestial being”; Origin: Sanskrit

  5. Eshe – Meaning “life” or “alive”; Origin: Swahili

  6. Fuyuko – Meaning “winter child”; Origin: Japanese

  7. Gitanjali – Meaning “offering of songs” or “garland of poems”; Origin: Sanskrit

  8. Harini – Meaning “deer” or “one who is like a deer”; Origin: Sanskrit

  9. Ishani – Meaning “goddess” or “wife of Lord Ishan”; Origin: Sanskrit

  10. Jinpa – Meaning “kindness” or “generosity”; Origin: Tibetan

  11. Karma – Meaning “action” or “fate”; Origin: Sanskrit

  12. Lakshmi – Meaning “goddess of wealth” or “fortune”; Origin: Sanskrit

  13. Mayuri – Meaning “peacock” or “illusion”; Origin: Sanskrit

  14. Nisha – Meaning “night” or “darkness”; Origin: Sanskrit

  15. Padma – Meaning “lotus”; Origin: Sanskrit

  16. Qadira – Meaning “capable” or “able”; Origin: Arabic

  17. Rohini – Meaning “the red one” or “a star”; Origin: Sanskrit

  18. Sadhana – Meaning “practice” or “dedication”; Origin: Sanskrit

  19. Tara – Meaning “star” or “goddess of liberation”; Origin: Sanskrit

  20. Umiko – Meaning “child of the sea”; Origin: Japanese

  21. Varsha – Meaning “rain” or “blessings”; Origin: Sanskrit

  22. Wangmo – Meaning “goddess” or “queen”; Origin: Tibetan

  23. Xia – Meaning “glow of the sunrise”; Origin: Chinese

  24. Yasuko – Meaning “peaceful child”; Origin: Japanese

  25. Zahra – Meaning “flower” or “blooming”; Origin: Arabic

  26. Ani – Meaning “nun” or “elder sister”; Origin: Tibetan

  27. Bhavana – Meaning “meditation” or “reflection”; Origin: Sanskrit

  28. Chiyoko – Meaning “child of a thousand generations”; Origin: Japanese

  29. Dewi – Meaning “goddess” or “divine”; Origin: Sanskrit

  30. Eiko – Meaning “child of splendor”; Origin: Japanese

  31. Falguni – Meaning “beautiful” or “full of flowers”; Origin: Sanskrit

  32. Gompo – Meaning “protective deity”; Origin: Tibetan

  33. Haruka – Meaning “distant” or “far-off”; Origin: Japanese

  34. Izumi – Meaning “fountain” or “spring”; Origin: Japanese

  35. Jampa – Meaning “loving kindness”; Origin: Tibetan

  36. Kanika – Meaning “little black” or “small”; Origin: Sanskrit

  37. Lhasa – Referring to the city in Tibet; Origin: Tibetan

  38. Maiya – Meaning “illusion” or “magic”; Origin: Sanskrit

  39. Nandini – Meaning “delightful” or “a daughter”; Origin: Sanskrit

  40. Oshin – Meaning “ocean”; Origin: Japanese

  41. Pemba – Meaning “lotus” or “born on a lotus”; Origin: Tibetan

  42. Quyên – Meaning “gentle” or “soft-spoken”; Origin: Vietnamese

  43. Rieko – Meaning “blessed with logic”; Origin: Japanese

  44. Sonam – Meaning “merit” or “good fortune”; Origin: Tibetan

  45. Takara – Meaning “treasure” or “precious”; Origin: Japanese

  46. Uma – Meaning “mother” or “tranquility”; Origin: Sanskrit

  47. Vasudha – Meaning “earth” or “goddess of earth”; Origin: Sanskrit

  48. Wulan – Meaning “moon” or “first day of the month”; Origin: Javanese

  49. Xue – Meaning “snow”; Origin: Chinese

  50. Yuri – Meaning “lily” or “vibrant”; Origin: Japanese

  51. Zara – Meaning “princess” or “flower”; Origin: Arabic

  52. Aiko – Meaning “beloved child”; Origin: Japanese

  53. Binara – Meaning “a star”; Origin: Sinhalese

  54. Chinatsu – Meaning “thousand summers”; Origin: Japanese

  55. Dolma – Meaning “tara” or “goddess”; Origin: Tibetan

  56. Erina – Meaning “beautiful blessing”; Origin: Japanese

  57. Fumiko – Meaning “child of abundant beauty”; Origin: Japanese

  58. Geshna – Meaning “flower” or “bloom”; Origin: Sanskrit

  59. Hiroko – Meaning “abundant child”; Origin: Japanese

  60. Izumi – Meaning “spring” or “fountain”; Origin: Japanese

  61. Jasmine – Referring to the flower; Origin: Persian

  62. Keiko – Meaning “blessed child”; Origin: Japanese

  63. Lin – Meaning “fine jade”; Origin: Chinese

  64. Miyako – Meaning “beautiful night child”; Origin: Japanese

  65. Nariko – Meaning “gentle child”; Origin: Japanese

  66. Oshin – Meaning “ocean”; Origin: Japanese

  67. Pelden – Meaning “lotus”; Origin: Tibetan

  68. Qian – Meaning “modest” or “humble”; Origin: Chinese

  69. Riko – Meaning “child of truth”; Origin: Japanese

  70. Sachi – Meaning “blessed” or “child of joy”; Origin: Japanese

  71. Tenzin – Meaning “holder of teachings”; Origin: Tibetan

  72. Usha – Meaning “dawn” or “sunrise”; Origin: Sanskrit

  73. Vanna – Meaning “golden” or “like gold”; Origin: Sanskrit

  74. Wen – Meaning “cultivated” or “refined”; Origin: Chinese

  75. Xinyi – Meaning “happy” or “joyful”; Origin: Chinese

  76. Yoko – Meaning “ocean child”; Origin: Japanese

  77. Zemira – Meaning “song” or “melody”; Origin: Hebrew

  78. Anjali – Meaning “offering” or “gift”; Origin: Sanskrit

  79. Bhumi – Meaning “earth” or “land”; Origin: Sanskrit

  80. Citra – Meaning “bright” or “clear”; Origin: Sanskrit

Top Baby Names of 2024

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Choosing a name for your baby is an incredibly special and meaningful part of the journey into parenthood. It’s more than just a label; it’s an everlasting gift—a name that will accompany your child through every milestone, shaping their identity and weaving into the fabric of their personality.

Names hold a power that transcends mere words. They carry traditions, stories, and aspirations within them. A name is the first gift you bestow upon your little one, an introduction to the world, and a reflection of the love and dreams you hold for them.

Each name carries its own tale, a unique narrative rooted in culture, history, and significance. Whether drawn from family heritage, cultural roots, or simply resonating with your heart, the name you choose will become an integral part of your child’s identity.

The importance of selecting the right name for your baby lies not only in its sound or style but in the emotion and significance it carries. It’s an opportunity to infuse your child’s life with positivity, strength, and inspiration. A name holds the power to instill confidence, convey values, and create a sense of belonging.

As your child grows, their name will become synonymous with their individuality, character, and accomplishments. It’s the melody that will echo through their journey, inspiring and guiding them through life’s triumphs and challenges.

At our platform, we understand the gravity of this choice and endeavor to make this experience both delightful and meaningful for you. Our curated selection of names spans diverse cultures, languages, and origins, ensuring that you find not just a name but a story—a name that carries the depth of your love and aspirations for your little one.

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