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"Adventurous Arrows: Sagittarius Zodiac Sign-Inspired Baby Names for Free-Spirited Souls!"

Welcome to an exploration of boundless horizons and unbridled freedom, encapsulated in our collection of baby names inspired by the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Just as the archer aims for distant targets, these names embody a sense of adventure, optimism, and a quest for truth. Dive into this celestial selection, drawing inspiration from the spirited and curious nature of Sagittarians, known for their love of exploration and philosophical insights. Each name within this compilation echoes the adventurous spirit associated with Sagittarius, guiding you on a journey to discover a name as spirited and open-hearted as your little one. Embark on this voyage into a world of names that echo the essence of freedom and discovery.

Rashi/Zodiac           : Dhanu (Sagittarius)
Letter                          :  Bh, F, Dh
Zodiac symbol         :  Archer
Zodiac Element        : Fire
Sign Ruler                   : Jupiter
Personality                 : Adventurous, Self-Reliant & Strong
Trending U.S. Baby Boy Names

Zodiac Trending Name of This Week

Girl Name of the Week

Trending name

Meaning: “Hana” carries different meanings in various languages:

  • In Arabic, “Hana” (هناء) means “happiness,” “bliss,” or “contentment.”
  • In Japanese, “Hana” (花) means “flower.”

Popularity: The name “Hana” is appreciated in various cultures and regions. Its popularity might vary based on the cultural significance attached to it.

Boy Name of the Week

Trending name

Meaning: “Yuvan” is derived from Sanskrit and holds the meaning of “young” or “youthful.” It signifies vigor, vitality, and the qualities associated with youthfulness.

Popularity: Yuvan is a name that’s commonly used in India, especially among Tamil-speaking communities. It’s appreciated for its meaningfulness and positive attributes.

Sagittarius zodiac sign wise Baby names

popular U.S baby boy names Sagittarius zodiac sign wise

  1. Archer (English) – Referring to a bowman; Origin: English

  2. Benjamin (Hebrew) – Meaning “son of the right hand”; Origin: Hebrew

  3. Cyrus (Persian) – Meaning “far-sighted” or “throne”; Origin: Persian

  4. Dante (Italian) – Referring to the renowned poet Dante Alighieri; Origin: Italian

  5. Ezra (Hebrew) – Meaning “help” or “helper”; Origin: Hebrew

  6. Felix (Latin) – Meaning “fortunate” or “happy”; Origin: Latin

  7. Gabriel (Hebrew) – Meaning “God is my strength”; Origin: Hebrew

  8. Hugo (Germanic) – Meaning “mind” or “intellect”; Origin: Germanic

  9. Isaac (Hebrew) – Meaning “laughter” or “he will laugh”; Origin: Hebrew

  10. Julian (Latin) – Meaning “youthful” or “downy-bearded”; Origin: Latin

  11. Kai (Hawaiian) – Meaning “sea”; Origin: Hawaiian

  12. Leo (Latin) – Meaning “lion”; Origin: Latin

  13. Maximus (Latin) – Meaning “greatest” or “largest”; Origin: Latin

  14. Nolan (Irish) – Meaning “champion” or “famous”; Origin: Irish

  15. Orion (Greek) – Meaning “son of fire”; Origin: Greek

  16. Phoenix (Greek) – Mythological bird associated with rebirth; Origin: Greek

  17. Quentin (Latin) – Meaning “fifth”; Origin: Latin

  18. Raphael (Hebrew) – Meaning “God has healed”; Origin: Hebrew

  19. Sebastian (Greek) – Meaning “venerable” or “revered”; Origin: Greek

  20. Theodore (Greek) – Meaning “gift of God”; Origin: Greek

  21. Ulysses (Latin) – Hero of the epic poem “The Odyssey”; Origin: Latin

  22. Vincent (Latin) – Meaning “conquering” or “victorious”; Origin: Latin

  23. Wyatt (English) – Meaning “brave in war”; Origin: English

  24. Xander (Greek) – Meaning “defender of the people”; Origin: Greek

  25. Yuri (Russian) – Meaning “farmer” or “husbandman”; Origin: Russian

  26. Zane (Hebrew) – Meaning “God is gracious”; Origin: Hebrew

  27. Adrian (Latin) – Meaning “from Hadria”; Origin: Latin

  28. Brendan (Irish) – Meaning “prince”; Origin: Irish

  29. Caspian (English) – Referring to the Caspian Sea; Origin: English

  30. Damian (Greek) – Meaning “to tame” or “subdue”; Origin: Greek

  31. Elliot (English) – Meaning “Jehovah is God”; Origin: English

  32. Finnegan (Irish) – Meaning “fair” or “white”; Origin: Irish

  33. Gideon (Hebrew) – Meaning “destroyer” or “mighty warrior”; Origin: Hebrew

  34. Harrison (English) – Meaning “son of Harry”; Origin: English

  35. Isaiah (Hebrew) – Meaning “God is salvation”; Origin: Hebrew

  36. Jasper (Persian) – Meaning “bringer of treasure”; Origin: Persian

  37. Kieran (Irish) – Meaning “little dark one”; Origin: Irish

  38. Landon (English) – Meaning “long hill”; Origin: English

  39. Maverick (American) – Meaning “independent” or “nonconformist”; Origin: American English

  40. Nico (Greek) – Meaning “victory of the people”; Origin: Greek

  41. Oscar (Irish) – Meaning “God spear” or “deer lover”; Origin: Irish

  42. Pierce (English) – Meaning “son of Piers”; Origin: English

  43. Quincy (Old French) – Meaning “estate of the fifth son”; Origin: Old French

  44. Ryder (English) – Meaning “cavalryman” or “messenger”; Origin: English

  45. Silas (Latin) – Meaning “wood” or “forest”; Origin: Latin

  46. Theo (Greek) – Meaning “divine gift”; Origin: Greek

  47. Uriah (Hebrew) – Meaning “God is my light”; Origin: Hebrew

  48. Vaughn (Welsh) – Meaning “little”; Origin: Welsh

  49. Winston (English) – Meaning “wine’s town” or “joyful stone”; Origin: English

  50. Xavier (Arabic) – Meaning “bright” or “splendid”; Origin: Arabic

  51. Yael (Hebrew) – Meaning “mountain goat”; Origin: Hebrew

  52. Zephyr (Greek) – Referring to the west wind; Origin: Greek

  53. Asher (Hebrew) – Meaning “happy” or “blessed”; Origin: Hebrew

  54. Bodhi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment”; Origin: Sanskrit

  55. Caius (Latin) – Meaning “rejoice”; Origin: Latin

  56. Dimitri (Greek) – Meaning “follower of Demeter”; Origin: Greek

  57. Evander (Greek) – Meaning “good man” or “strong man”; Origin: Greek

  58. Fergus (Scottish) – Meaning “man of force” or “strong”; Origin: Scottish

  59. Griffin (Welsh) – Meaning “strong lord” or “hooked nose”; Origin: Welsh

  60. Hendrix (German) – Meaning “son of Henry”; Origin: German

  61. Ivan (Russian) – Meaning “God is gracious”; Origin: Russian

  62. Jacoby (Hebrew) – Meaning “supplanter” or “heel grabber”; Origin: Hebrew

  63. Kellan (Irish) – Meaning “powerful”; Origin: Irish

  64. Lachlan (Scottish) – Meaning “from the fjord-land”; Origin: Scottish

  65. Magnus (Latin) – Meaning “great” or “mighty”; Origin: Latin

  66. Nash (English) – Meaning “by the ash tree”; Origin: English

  67. Orlando (Italian) – Meaning “famous throughout the land”; Origin: Italian

  68. Preston (English) – Meaning “priest’s town”; Origin: English

  69. Quillan (Irish) – Meaning “cub”; Origin: Irish

  70. Rylan (English) – Meaning “island meadow”; Origin: English

  71. Soren (Norse) – Meaning “stern” or “severe”; Origin: Norse

  72. Tobias (Hebrew) – Meaning “God is good”; Origin: Hebrew

  73. Upton (English) – Meaning “upper town” or “high town”; Origin: English

  74. Valor (English) – Meaning “strength” or “courage”; Origin: English

  75. Wilder (English) – Meaning “untamed” or “wild”; Origin: English

popular indian baby boy names Sagittarius zodiac sign wise

  1. Adhir (Sanskrit) – Meaning “restless” or “quick”; Origin: Sanskrit

  2. Bodhi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment”; Origin: Sanskrit

  3. Chirag (Sanskrit) – Meaning “lamp” or “light”; Origin: Sanskrit

  4. Dhruv (Sanskrit) – Meaning “polar star” or “steadfast”; Origin: Sanskrit

  5. Eshan (Sanskrit) – Meaning “lord Shiva” or “ruler”; Origin: Sanskrit

  6. Farhan (Arabic) – Meaning “happy” or “joyful”; Origin: Arabic

  7. Gautam (Sanskrit) – Referring to Gautama Buddha; Origin: Sanskrit

  8. Harsh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “happiness” or “joy”; Origin: Sanskrit

  9. Ishan (Sanskrit) – Meaning “lord of wealth”; Origin: Sanskrit

  10. Jai (Sanskrit) – Meaning “victory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  11. Kabir (Arabic) – Meaning “great” or “mighty”; Origin: Arabic

  12. Lakshya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “goal” or “aim”; Origin: Sanskrit

  13. Manav (Sanskrit) – Meaning “human”; Origin: Sanskrit

  14. Nirav (Sanskrit) – Meaning “quiet” or “silent”; Origin: Sanskrit

  15. Ojas (Sanskrit) – Meaning “strength” or “vigor”; Origin: Sanskrit

  16. Pranav (Sanskrit) – Meaning “sacred sound” or “Om”; Origin: Sanskrit

  17. Rohan (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ascending” or “growing”; Origin: Sanskrit

  18. Samar (Arabic) – Meaning “battlefield” or “war”; Origin: Arabic

  19. Tanay (Sanskrit) – Meaning “son” or “belonging to the family”; Origin: Sanskrit

  20. Utkarsh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “excellence” or “prosperity”; Origin: Sanskrit

  21. Veer (Sanskrit) – Meaning “brave” or “courageous”; Origin: Sanskrit

  22. Yash (Sanskrit) – Meaning “fame” or “success”; Origin: Sanskrit

  23. Aditya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “sun” or “son of Aditi”; Origin: Sanskrit

  24. Bhavesh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “lord of the world”; Origin: Sanskrit

  25. Chetan (Sanskrit) – Meaning “consciousness” or “soul”; Origin: Sanskrit

  26. Daksh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “skillful” or “competent”; Origin: Sanskrit

  27. Eklavya (Sanskrit) – Name of a character from the Mahabharata; Origin: Sanskrit

  28. Faris (Arabic) – Meaning “knight” or “horseman”; Origin: Arabic

  29. Girish (Sanskrit) – Meaning “lord of the mountain”; Origin: Sanskrit

  30. Hriday (Sanskrit) – Meaning “heart”; Origin: Sanskrit

  31. Ishwar (Sanskrit) – Meaning “God” or “the supreme being”; Origin: Sanskrit

  32. Jayesh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “victorious” or “ruler”; Origin: Sanskrit

  33. Kartik (Sanskrit) – Another name for Lord Murugan; Origin: Sanskrit

  34. Lakshit (Sanskrit) – Meaning “distinguished” or “marked”; Origin: Sanskrit

  35. Manan (Sanskrit) – Meaning “contemplation” or “meditation”; Origin: Sanskrit

  36. Nihal (Sanskrit) – Meaning “happy” or “content”; Origin: Sanskrit

  37. Omkar (Sanskrit) – Symbol of Lord Shiva; Origin: Sanskrit

  38. Parth (Sanskrit) – Another name for Arjuna; Origin: Sanskrit

  39. Rajat (Sanskrit) – Meaning “silver”; Origin: Sanskrit

  40. Sahil (Sanskrit) – Meaning “guide” or “shore”; Origin: Sanskrit

  41. Tanish (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ambition” or “desire”; Origin: Sanskrit

  42. Uddhav (Sanskrit) – Meaning “festival” or “celebration”; Origin: Sanskrit

  43. Vijay (Sanskrit) – Meaning “victory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  44. Yuvan (Sanskrit) – Meaning “young” or “youthful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  45. Advait (Sanskrit) – Meaning “unique” or “non-dual”; Origin: Sanskrit

  46. Brahm (Sanskrit) – Referring to Lord Brahma; Origin: Sanskrit

  47. Chirayu (Sanskrit) – Meaning “long life”; Origin: Sanskrit

  48. Dhiren (Sanskrit) – Meaning “patient” or “enduring”; Origin: Sanskrit

  49. Eshwar (Sanskrit) – Meaning “God”; Origin: Sanskrit

  50. Firoz (Persian) – Meaning “successful” or “victorious”; Origin: Persian

  51. Gopal (Sanskrit) – Meaning “cowherd” or “protector of cows”; Origin: Sanskrit

  52. Hemant (Sanskrit) – Referring to the winter season; Origin: Sanskrit

  53. Ishanvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “goddess Parvati”; Origin: Sanskrit

  54. Jagat (Sanskrit) – Meaning “world” or “universe”; Origin: Sanskrit

  55. Kiran (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ray of light”; Origin: Sanskrit

  56. Lavish (Sanskrit) – Meaning “richness” or “abundance”; Origin: Sanskrit

  57. Mayank (Sanskrit) – Meaning “moon”; Origin: Sanskrit

  58. Nishant (Sanskrit) – Meaning “dawn” or “end of night”; Origin: Sanskrit

  59. Omkar (Sanskrit) – Symbol of Lord Shiva; Origin: Sanskrit

  60. Piyush (Sanskrit) – Meaning “nectar” or “drink of the gods”; Origin: Sanskrit

  61. Rudra (Sanskrit) – Another name for Lord Shiva; Origin: Sanskrit

  62. Sarthak (Sanskrit) – Meaning “successful” or “meaningful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  63. Tejas (Sanskrit) – Meaning “radiance” or “brightness”; Origin: Sanskrit

  64. Udbhav (Sanskrit) – Meaning “origin” or “source”; Origin: Sanskrit

  65. Veerendra (Sanskrit) – Meaning “brave lord”; Origin: Sanskrit

  66. Yashwant (Sanskrit) – Meaning “one who has achieved glory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  67. Aarush (Sanskrit) – Meaning “first ray of the sun”; Origin: Sanskrit

  68. Biren (Sanskrit) – Meaning “brave” or “courageous”; Origin: Sanskrit

  69. Chakor (Sanskrit) – A bird that lives on moonlight; Origin: Sanskrit

  70. Devansh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “part of God”; Origin: Sanskrit

  71. Eklavya (Sanskrit) – Name of a character from the Mahabharata; Origin: Sanskrit

  72. Farhad (Persian) – Meaning “happiness” or “joy”; Origin: Persian

  73. Ganesh (Sanskrit) – Referring to Lord Ganesha; Origin: Sanskrit

  74. Hari (Sanskrit) – Meaning “lion”; Origin: Sanskrit

  75. Ishrat (Arabic) – Meaning “delight” or “pleasure”; Origin: Arabic

Top Baby Names of 2024

Welcome, parents-to-be, to your one-stop shop for the hottest baby names of 2024! We’ve scoured the trend reports, delved into cultural influences, and even peeked at celebrity bundles to curate a list of 200 captivating names brimming with meaning and style.

Sagittarius zodiac sign wise Baby names

popular U.S baby Girl names Sagittarius zodiac sign wise

  1. Arabella (Latin) – Meaning “yielding to prayer”; Origin: Latin

  2. Beatrix (Latin) – Meaning “voyager” or “traveler”; Origin: Latin

  3. Cassia (Greek) – Refers to the cinnamon spice; Origin: Greek

  4. Daphne (Greek) – Meaning “laurel” or “bay tree”; Origin: Greek

  5. Elena (Greek) – Meaning “bright” or “shining light”; Origin: Greek

  6. Fiona (Gaelic) – Meaning “fair” or “white”; Origin: Gaelic

  7. Giselle (Germanic) – Meaning “pledge” or “hostage”; Origin: Germanic

  8. Hazel (English) – Refers to the hazel tree; Origin: English

  9. Ivy (English) – Refers to the climbing evergreen plant; Origin: English

  10. Jasmine (Persian) – Refers to the fragrant flower; Origin: Persian

  11. Kira (Russian) – Meaning “ruler” or “mistress”; Origin: Russian

  12. Lila (Sanskrit) – Meaning “divine play” or “beauty”; Origin: Sanskrit

  13. Mila (Slavic) – Meaning “dear” or “gracious”; Origin: Slavic

  14. Nadia (Slavic) – Meaning “hope” or “promise”; Origin: Slavic

  15. Ophelia (Greek) – Meaning “help” or “aid”; Origin: Greek

  16. Paloma (Spanish) – Meaning “dove”; Origin: Spanish

  17. Quinn (Irish) – Meaning “wise” or “counsel”; Origin: Irish

  18. Rhea (Greek) – Meaning “flowing” or “mother of gods”; Origin: Greek

  19. Serena (Latin) – Meaning “serene” or “calm”; Origin: Latin

  20. Thalia (Greek) – Meaning “blooming” or “to flourish”; Origin: Greek

  21. Uma (Sanskrit) – Meaning “tranquility” or “splendor”; Origin: Sanskrit

  22. Vera (Russian) – Meaning “faith” or “truth”; Origin: Russian

  23. Willow (English) – Refers to the willow tree; Origin: English

  24. Xanthe (Greek) – Meaning “golden” or “yellow”; Origin: Greek

  25. Yara (Arabic) – Meaning “small butterfly”; Origin: Arabic

  26. Zara (Arabic) – Meaning “princess” or “flower”; Origin: Arabic

  27. Aurelia (Latin) – Meaning “golden” or “the golden one”; Origin: Latin

  28. Bianca (Italian) – Meaning “white” or “pure”; Origin: Italian

  29. Celeste (Latin) – Meaning “heavenly” or “divine”; Origin: Latin

  30. Delphine (Greek) – Meaning “dolphin”; Origin: Greek

  31. Elara (Greek) – Name of one of Zeus’s lovers; Origin: Greek

  32. Freya (Norse) – Refers to the Norse goddess of love; Origin: Norse

  33. Gaia (Greek) – Refers to “mother earth”; Origin: Greek

  34. Hermione (Greek) – Meaning “messenger” or “earthly”; Origin: Greek

  35. Iris (Greek) – Refers to the rainbow; Origin: Greek

  36. Juniper (Latin) – Refers to the juniper tree; Origin: Latin

  37. Kai (Hawaiian) – Meaning “sea”; Origin: Hawaiian

  38. Luna (Latin) – Meaning “moon”; Origin: Latin

  39. Maeve (Irish) – Meaning “intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates”; Origin: Irish

  40. Nova (Latin) – Meaning “new” or “young”; Origin: Latin

  41. Odette (French) – Meaning “wealth” or “fortune”; Origin: French

  42. Phoebe (Greek) – Refers to the moon; Origin: Greek

  43. Quinta (Latin) – Meaning “fifth”; Origin: Latin

  44. Raina (Latin) – Meaning “queen” or “counselor”; Origin: Latin

  45. Seren (Welsh) – Meaning “star”; Origin: Welsh

  46. Thea (Greek) – Meaning “goddess” or “divine”; Origin: Greek

  47. Una (Irish) – Meaning “unity” or “lamb”; Origin: Irish

  48. Violetta (Italian) – Refers to the violet flower; Origin: Italian

  49. Wren (English) – Refers to a small bird; Origin: English

  50. Xena (Greek) – Meaning “hospitable” or “friendly”; Origin: Greek

  51. Yasmine (Persian) – Refers to the jasmine flower; Origin: Persian

  52. Zephyra (Greek) – Meaning “west wind”; Origin: Greek

  53. Aisha (Arabic) – Meaning “alive” or “living”; Origin: Arabic

  54. Brielle (French) – Meaning “God is my strength”; Origin: French

  55. Celine (French) – Meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”; Origin: French

  56. Dahlia (Swedish) – Refers to the dahlia flower; Origin: Swedish

  57. Evangeline (Greek) – Meaning “bearer of good news”; Origin: Greek

  58. Fleur (French) – Meaning “flower”; Origin: French

  59. Gemma (Italian) – Meaning “gem” or “jewel”; Origin: Italian

  60. Hana (Japanese) – Meaning “flower” or “blossom”; Origin: Japanese

  61. Ivy (English) – Refers to the climbing evergreen plant; Origin: English

  62. Juno (Latin) – Refers to the Roman goddess of marriage; Origin: Latin

  63. Kiera (Irish) – Meaning “dark-haired” or “little dark one”; Origin: Irish

  64. Lara (Latin) – Meaning “protection” or “cheerful”; Origin: Latin

  65. Mira (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ocean” or “sea”; Origin: Sanskrit

  66. Nia (Welsh) – Meaning “bright” or “radiant”; Origin: Welsh

  67. Oriana (Latin) – Meaning “golden” or “sunrise”; Origin: Latin

  68. Petra (Greek) – Meaning “rock” or “stone”; Origin: Greek

  69. Quincy (French) – Meaning “estate of the fifth son”; Origin: French

  70. Rosalind (Germanic) – Meaning “gentle horse” or “soft snake”; Origin: Germanic

  71. Sasha (Russian) – Meaning “defender of mankind”; Origin: Russian

  72. Talia (Hebrew) – Meaning “dew from heaven”; Origin: Hebrew

  73. Ursula (Latin) – Meaning “little bear”; Origin: Latin

  74. Vienna (Latin) – Meaning “from wine country”; Origin: Latin

  75. Willa (Germanic) – Meaning “resolute protection”; Origin: Germanic

popular indian baby Girl names Sagittarius zodiac sign wise

  1. Aadya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “first” or “original”; Origin: Sanskrit

  2. Bhavya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “grand” or “splendid”; Origin: Sanskrit

  3. Chahat (Hindi) – Meaning “desire” or “wish”; Origin: Hindi

  4. Disha (Sanskrit) – Meaning “direction” or “path”; Origin: Sanskrit

  5. Esha (Sanskrit) – Meaning “desire” or “purity”; Origin: Sanskrit

  6. Falguni (Sanskrit) – Refers to a month in the Hindu calendar; Origin: Sanskrit

  7. Gauri (Sanskrit) – Meaning “fair” or “golden”; Origin: Sanskrit

  8. Hansa (Sanskrit) – Meaning “swan” or “graceful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  9. Ishita (Sanskrit) – Meaning “desired” or “enriched”; Origin: Sanskrit

  10. Jhanvi (Sanskrit) – Refers to the river Ganges; Origin: Sanskrit

  11. Kavya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “poetry” or “poem”; Origin: Sanskrit

  12. Lakshmi (Sanskrit) – Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity; Origin: Sanskrit

  13. Meera (Sanskrit) – Meaning “prosperous” or “great”; Origin: Sanskrit

  14. Neha (Sanskrit) – Meaning “love” or “affection”; Origin: Sanskrit

  15. Oviya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “artist” or “drawing”; Origin: Sanskrit

  16. Pari (Sanskrit) – Meaning “fairy” or “angel”; Origin: Sanskrit

  17. Qurat (Arabic) – Meaning “fragrance” or “sweet smell”; Origin: Arabic

  18. Riya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “singer” or “graceful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  19. Sadhvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “virtuous woman”; Origin: Sanskrit

  20. Tanvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “slender” or “beautiful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  21. Uma (Sanskrit) – Meaning “tranquility” or “splendor”; Origin: Sanskrit

  22. Vanya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “gracious” or “wonderful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  23. Wafa (Arabic) – Meaning “loyalty” or “faithfulness”; Origin: Arabic

  24. Xena (Greek) – Meaning “hospitable” or “friendly”; Origin: Greek

  25. Yamini (Sanskrit) – Meaning “night” or “nocturnal”; Origin: Sanskrit

  26. Zara (Arabic) – Meaning “princess” or “flower”; Origin: Arabic

  27. Amaya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “night rain”; Origin: Sanskrit

  28. Bela (Sanskrit) – Meaning “jasmine flower”; Origin: Sanskrit

  29. Chitra (Sanskrit) – Meaning “picture” or “painting”; Origin: Sanskrit

  30. Devi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “goddess” or “divine”; Origin: Sanskrit

  31. Ekta (Sanskrit) – Meaning “unity” or “oneness”; Origin: Sanskrit

  32. Fariha (Arabic) – Meaning “happy” or “joyful”; Origin: Arabic

  33. Gitanjali (Sanskrit) – Meaning “offering of songs”; Origin: Sanskrit

  34. Hemangi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “golden-bodied”; Origin: Sanskrit

  35. Ira (Sanskrit) – Meaning “earth” or “goddess Saraswati”; Origin: Sanskrit

  36. Jagrati (Sanskrit) – Meaning “awakened” or “conscious”; Origin: Sanskrit

  37. Kirti (Sanskrit) – Meaning “fame” or “glory”; Origin: Sanskrit

  38. Lalita (Sanskrit) – Meaning “beautiful” or “graceful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  39. Maya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “illusion” or “magic”; Origin: Sanskrit

  40. Naina (Sanskrit) – Meaning “eyes”; Origin: Sanskrit

  41. Oorja (Sanskrit) – Meaning “energy” or “vitality”; Origin: Sanskrit

  42. Pallavi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “new leaves”; Origin: Sanskrit

  43. Quintessa (Latin) – Meaning “fifth” or “essence”; Origin: Latin

  44. Ragini (Sanskrit) – Meaning “melody” or “music”; Origin: Sanskrit

  45. Shivangi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “part of Lord Shiva”; Origin: Sanskrit

  46. Tara (Sanskrit) – Meaning “star”; Origin: Sanskrit

  47. Urvashi (Sanskrit) – Name of a celestial maiden; Origin: Sanskrit

  48. Vandana (Sanskrit) – Meaning “worship” or “salutation”; Origin: Sanskrit

  49. Wafa (Arabic) – Meaning “loyalty” or “faithfulness”; Origin: Arabic

  50. Yamuna (Sanskrit) – Refers to the river Yamuna; Origin: Sanskrit

  51. Zara (Arabic) – Meaning “princess” or “flower”; Origin: Arabic

  52. Aahana (Sanskrit) – Meaning “first rays of the sun”; Origin: Sanskrit

  53. Bhavana (Sanskrit) – Meaning “imagination” or “meditation”; Origin: Sanskrit

  54. Charvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “beautiful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  55. Drishti (Sanskrit) – Meaning “sight” or “vision”; Origin: Sanskrit

  56. Eila (Sanskrit) – Meaning “the earth”; Origin: Sanskrit

  57. Falak (Arabic) – Meaning “heaven” or “sky”; Origin: Arabic

  58. Gira (Sanskrit) – Meaning “language” or “speech”; Origin: Sanskrit

  59. Hansika (Sanskrit) – Meaning “swan”; Origin: Sanskrit

  60. Ishana (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ruler” or “goddess Durga”; Origin: Sanskrit

  61. Jyotsna (Sanskrit) – Meaning “moonlight”; Origin: Sanskrit

  62. Kashvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “shining” or “bright”; Origin: Sanskrit

  63. Lavanya (Sanskrit) – Meaning “grace” or “beauty”; Origin: Sanskrit

  64. Mira (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ocean” or “sea”; Origin: Sanskrit

  65. Nandini (Sanskrit) – Meaning “joyful” or “delightful”; Origin: Sanskrit

  66. Ojasvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “bright” or “radiant”; Origin: Sanskrit

  67. Pankhuri (Sanskrit) – Meaning “petal”; Origin: Sanskrit

  68. Qudsiya (Arabic) – Meaning “holy” or “sacred”; Origin: Arabic

  69. Rashmi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ray of sunlight”; Origin: Sanskrit

  70. Saanvi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “goddess Lakshmi”; Origin: Sanskrit

  71. Tanisha (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ambition” or “desire”; Origin: Sanskrit

  72. Uma (Sanskrit) – Meaning “tranquility” or “splendor”; Origin: Sanskrit

  73. Vaidehi (Sanskrit) – Name of Sita; Origin: Sanskrit

  74. Wafa (Arabic) – Meaning “loyalty” or “faithfulness”; Origin: Arabic

  75. Yamini (Sanskrit) – Meaning “night” or “nocturnal”; Origin: Sanskrit

Most Popular Favorites Baby Names

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  5. Softening Sharp Edges: Cover sharp edges and corners of furniture, such as tables and countertops, with corner guards or bumpers to reduce the risk of injuries if your baby bumps into them.

  6. Securing Cords and Cables: Tie up or secure cords and cables from blinds, electronics, and other devices to prevent strangulation or tripping hazards.

  7. Monitoring Water Hazards: Keep bathroom doors closed, install toilet locks, and never leave your baby unattended in the bathtub to prevent drowning accidents.

  8. Eliminating Choking Hazards: Keep small items, including toys, coins, buttons, and batteries, out of reach to prevent choking incidents.

  9. Checking Window Safety: Ensure that windows are secured and have window guards or stops to prevent falls. Keep furniture away from windows to avoid climbing hazards.

  10. Checking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Regularly test and maintain smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Regularly assess your home from a baby’s perspective to identify potential hazards and take appropriate measures to address them. Supervise your baby at all times and stay vigilant even after baby-proofing to ensure a safe environment.


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